Hosted by: Kane Baron

Hosted By:

Kane Baron

Kane is the lead trainer at the UK's largest Podcast training company as well as head of growth at Progressive media, a podcast agency specialising in helping independent creators monetise their message

  • Industry keynote speaker

  • Trained over 1000 podcasters start & monetise their podcast

  • Host of the world's largest podcast mastermind

  • Head of growth at the UK's largest podcast agency

  • Host of an International number 1 podcast (The Podcasters Podcast)

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You're invited to join the team that created 'The Podcaster's Podcast’ with Kane Baron, a celebrity podcast mentor to many famous & successful podcasters including Rob Moore, John Lee & Kevin Clifton.

When You Join Kane On The Night You Will Discover...

  • Up to 18 ways to monetise a podcast, many from the first day of launch (Including NEW paid subscription options on iTunes & Spotify)
  • Up to 22 ways to create compelling content, for your podcast & ALL your content channels
  • How to REPURPOSE existing content, & turn ONE master piece into 20 pieces of great, usable content (30-60 minutes a week ONLY, required to create a podcast episode you can 20x)
  • How I went from 100,000s of downloads a month to more than one millions downloads and views a week, within 90 days changing ONE thing, & how you can too
  • How to attract the most affluent, buying customers/listeners, up to 6x as much as other media sources
  • Merge your passion & profession, love what you do & do what you love, & learn how to quickly create your ideal concept, title & content to start now
  • How to create collaborations & partnerships easily & bag great guests WAY above your pay grade!


The huge rise in podcasting popularity and their never-ending surge in listeners is a big opportunity for anyone. Uncover the opportunity within, with detailed market data & how you can take advantage of this in full detail.


Learn all of the steps to getting started with your own podcast, and how you can replicate the success of podcasters making over £2.3 million with no ads!


Learn the 18 ways to monetise your message, getting your voice heard by the masses and influencing more people than ever before. You will find out how you can capitalise on podcasting and grow your income through the platform.


A no holds barred, no question unanswered LIVE Q&A with Kane Baron in his first and last event of this kind ever!

Join us at 7:30pm Virtually on Wednesday 29th March 2023